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Hi, I am Shakiba!

Nature photo - North of Sweden


I love to feel the pulse of life—that vibrant, lively sensation that courses through every experience, whether it's in nature, through a dance, or engaging in a challenging workout. 


My background in law initially set the stage for my professional journey, but I was drawn to the ever-evolving world of technology—where innovation thrives and problem-solving keeps my mind active and alive. 


Transitioning into tech was a bold move, but also rewarding, allowing me to feel at home in my new career. 


My natural curiosity has led me down many paths: I've embraced life in a new country, learned a third language, explored diverse career paths, and discovered new passions in sports and dance over the last decade.


These experiences have not only taught me about my resilience, consistency, and persistence but have also instilled a sense of patience, positivity, and discipline in me.


Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of meeting many people from various backgrounds and countries, enriching my life and shaping me into a person who is approachable, listens truly, and values each interaction.


Each step in my journey has been a part of crafting a life that continually allows me to feel my development and stay connected to my core.

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