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RepRepair Template


  • MAUI
  • Azure Functions
  • sql
  • ai services
  • Csharp
  • powerbi

RepRepair is a malfunction reporting application that enhances organizational efficiency by facilitating swift identification of issues with machinery, instruments, and equipment. This comprehensive solution features a cross-platform front end developed in .NET MAUI using C# and XAML. The backend is hosted entirely on Azure, utilizing Azure SQL Server for storage and Azure Functions as a modern alternative to traditional Web APIs. Integrated with Power BI via Direct Query, the app provides real-time analytics and live statistical insights.

Discover more details and watch a demo on the project's page.

Recipe Finder Web App

Recipe Finder

  • react
  • javascript
  • bootstrap
  • css
  • html

Nail Soup is a recipe finder app created as a collaborative effort with fellow students during our educational program. This responsive web application is built using C#, React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The app offers several functionalities including the ability to search for recipes by ingredients, filter results based on dietary preferences, and perform random searches. It also suggests similar recipes based on initial searches to enhance user exploration.


Experience Nail Soup live on Netlify. Click the link below to see how it functions and explore its features.


ADHD Clinic

  • Csharp
  • autho
  • net core
  • vue
  • typescript

ADHD Online is a clinical management system aimed at supporting patients with ADHD.

I worked with a team of developers, using Agile methodologies to build this project. Our tech stack includes Vue.js, C#, ASP.NET Core, and EntityFramework for managing the database. For authentication, we used Auth0 and JWT.


The project is still in progress and the repository is private, but if you’re curious about it or want to know more, feel free to reach out to me.

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