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A Cross-Platform QR-Code Scanning App for Efficient Malfunction Reporting



QR Code Scanning

Begin malfunction reporting efficiently by scanning the QR code on any machine. This action fetches the machine's details from the database, instantly setting up the user to report any issues.


Multilingual Functionality

In our interconnected world, communication across languages is crucial. RepRepair supports multiple languages, allowing users to submit reports in their preferred language. The app handles translations seamlessly, ensuring clear communication across diverse business environments.



Designed to streamline asset management, RepRepair enables users to report malfunctions simply by speaking. Record a voice message on-the-go, and the app will transcribe, translate, and allow you to edit the transcription in an intuitive editor before submission.


Live Statistics and Analytics

Utilizing Azure SQL Server and Power BI, RepRepair provides real-time statistics and dynamic reporting capabilities. Analyze data to understand common issues, track asset performance, and enhance decision-making processes with powerful analytics that reveal trends and operational insights.


B2B Authentication

Security is paramount in technology. RepRepair uses Microsoft Entra ID for solid B2B authentication, ensuring that only authorized personnel within an organization can access the app and its critical resources like the database.

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